Artist-Naturalists in Florida: Then and Now

A Wildlife Art Exhibition and Related Programs

Oct. 30 – December 11, 2015

The Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center


The upcoming year will be a very exciting time for friends of John and William Bartram because 2015 is the 250th anniversary of their first visit to Georgia and Florida. In response to this anniversary, I am currently organizing an exhibit of wildlife art—painting and photography—for the Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center in Gainesville. The Doris—as it’s affectionately called—is a new art center that enjoys broad-based community support. The center is re-opening in Fall, 2015, after purchasing and renovating a new facility and is planning a re-opening “gala” that will feature an art exhibit, music, a reception and other attractions. The gala is currently scheduled for November 11, 2015.


North Central Florida is filled with natural beauty and is a popular eco-tourist destination. The community is proud of its natural resources and is also home to the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Butterfly Rainforest as well as the Harn Museum of Art. Art and Nature are the strengths of our region. That’s why I decided to focus on Artist-Naturalists in Florida: Then and Now as the subject for the opening exhibition. I am borrowing several facsimile prints of works by William Bartram, Mark Catesby and J.J. Audubon from the University of Florida library to include in the exhibit along with works by 15 contemporary Florida wildlife artists.


Artist Naturalists in Florida: Then and Now is scheduled to be on display in the Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center Gallery, October 30 through December 11, 2015. This exhibit explores the rich history of wildlife art in Florida throughout the past 250 years including works by contemporary Florida wildlife artists, and will be a lead-in to the new Wildlife Art Festival that will be held on the grounds of The Doris next year in October. We are planning a series of workshops/lectures that will take place in Gainesville during the exhibition period.


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